Meet the creators, innovators, thinkers and makers that make up the Belrose community.

Issy Koh, Rocks & Soul.
Issy Koh – Rocks & Soul

With an interest in the natural world and a passion for crystals, Issy started Rocks & Soul after finishing high school at 19. Using the power of social media to promote her business she identified a gap in the market for high quality, affordable crystals and turned her hobby into a successful e-commerce store. Seeking a positive, future-focused work environment, Issy chose Belrose for its non-industrial ambience, boutique-sized workspaces and heritage setting, which she is leveraging grow her business and create a compelling experience for her wholesale customers. 

Lor Nicol, Founder, Lash by Lash.
Lor Nicol – Lash by Lash

With an expanding eyelash manufacturing and training company, Lor sees Belrose as a secure, design-led and community-focused hub – and a perfect fit for Lash by Lash. The only Australian supplier of eyelash products, Lash by Lash is a retailer, offers salon services and provides government accredited training courses. Lor believes in education which is why she supports eyelash technicians at all levels and is looking forward to the business entering its next growth phase at Belrose.

Tina Wendel, Founder, 23 Degrees Coffee Roasters.
Tina Wendel – 23 Degrees Coffee Roasters

Local Bayside resident Tina was looking for a new roasting facility and store for 23 Degrees Coffee Roasters, a certified B Corp and specialty coffee company. Environmentally conscious, Belrose’s sustainability aspect will help Tina achieve her goal of being one of the most energy efficient and low emission coffee roasteries in the country. More than a roastery, the new home for 23 Degrees will also be a place for the community to learn more about coffee with tastings and expert advice on offer in the retail store.

Max Shatkhin, Founder, Little Sky Gelato.
Max Shatkhin – Little Sky Gelato

With a reputation already established in Brighton, Little Sky Gelato is known for its focus on sustainability, quality ingredients, and of course delicious gelato. Owner Max is looking to expand the business and its production capabilities in a setting far from a standard warehouse building. The location in a suburban neighbourhood setting is the right ingredient to build on Little Sky Gelato’s existing community following.

The Satori team.
Dimitri Kotov – Satori

Launching a new marketing agency for the health and wellness industries, Dimitri was looking for the perfect building that was as unique as his niche business. The light-filled space and architectural design make the perfect setting to host clients, wellness seminars and his team on a day-to-day basis. The progressive offering and community at Belrose perfectly aligns with his agency’s forward-thinking and tightknit culture.

Danae Bradley, Founder, DNA Health Group.
Danae Bradley – DNA Health Group

When Danae was searching for a new location for her business, DNA Health Group, ensuring the space felt inclusive and welcoming was essential. She also needed a space large enough to combine her exercise physiology and Pilates services with her passion: a dance studio. With a vision that aligns with her own ethos, Danae knew the Belrose community was the right place for her to continue serving her clients of all ages and fitness levels in the best way possible.

David Paterson, Owner, Paterson Fine Jewellery.
David Paterson – Paterson Fine Jewellery

As a third-generation family business founded in 1935, location was a key factor in relocating Paterson Fine Jewellery. With an offshore factory and satellite offices around the country, David was looking for a new head office in the Bayside area. He needed a generous office with storage space, co-located with other customer-facing businesses to complement his direct-to-public bespoke jewellery service. Soon to be located in the restored heritage building, David is looking forward to being part of the Belrose community.